Auto Reloader


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Automatically refreshes webpage(自动刷新网页) after every 10 seconds in case of any error(错误) or unsuccessful navigation!
This neat(灵巧的) extension replaces the default Chrome navigation error page with a proper one, providing a built in refresh functionality. 1000+ satisfied users!

Auto Reloader

— Simple and clean interface(简单干净的界面) which tells you what you want to know.
— Handles(处理) all web navigation errors which results in(导致) page being unable to load.
— Simple timer(计时器) which attempts to reconnect(尝试重新连接) to the page and load it after every 10 seconds.
— Reload button(重新加载) provided for manual page refresh(手动页面刷新).
— Different message for errors.
— No need to go to every unloaded tab and refresh it, Auto Reloader will do it for you!

Especially helpful(特别有帮助) when facing internet connectivity issues or website server being temporarily(暂时) inaccessible.

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