Click to Remove Element


版本:1.0.4   下载(crx文件)

Click to Remove Element:Remove annoying elements(恼人的元素) with a single click(单击)
Allows you to temporarily(临时地) remove any element from a website. Be it an advertisement(广告) missed(漏掉) by your ad-blocker, fixed menu(固定菜单), distracting GIF image(分散注意力的GIF图片), overly animated slideshow(幻灯片) or pretty much(几乎) anything getting in your way.

Click to Remove Element


– Keyboard shortcuts(键盘快捷键) for activation(启动), deactivation(停用) and undo(撤销):


Ctrl+Z undo,

ESC exit(退出),

Q/W go down/up one level.

– highlights elements under the cursor(高亮光标下的元素)
– remove multiple elements in a row (no need for a cumbersome context menu)
– works flawlessly(完美无瑕地) with embedded(嵌入式的) elements (flash) and iframes
– simple icon with the look(样子) of native Chrome icons (hideable,可隐藏的)
– minimal memory(最小的内存) and performance footprint

New in this version

– transpose – allows you to select element’s container(选择元素的容器), the container’s container(容器的容器) and so forth(等等), to help you remove whole blocks(全块) easily.


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