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Use the right-click menu(使用右键菜单) to search for selected text(搜索选中的文本) in different search engines(用不同的搜索引擎)
This extension can be used to search for selected text using the context menu(右键菜单). Different search engines can be added according to the user’s wish to the right-click menu.

Context Menu Search

The search results are shown in a new tab which can either be a focussed tab or a background tab depending on the options set by the user. The location of the newly opened tab can also be set by the user to be either next to the current tab or the last tab.
The order of the search engines in the right-click menu can also be arranged(排列). A list of 40 commonly used search engines(40个常用搜索引擎) has been added so that users can choose easily. If needed, the user can also add an option which has not been included.

You need at least Chrome version 6.0.472 to install and use this extension.

*This extension is under continuous development(持续开发). Any feedback is highly welcome and will help me in adding new features.

Known issues:
1. The extension icon reverts back from the magnifying glass(放大镜) to default Chrome extension icon sometimes. Disabling and enabling the extension again should bring it back. This is perhaps an issue with chrome.contextMenus.removeAll() method.
2. Favicons for search engines cannot be displayed in context menu currently as the contextMenus API does not allow it.
3. Taking settings from omni bar search configuration(地址栏搜索配置) is not possible.


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