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CSSViewer is a simple CSS property viewer(CSS属性查看器) for Google Chrome originally(最初) made by Nicolas Huon as a Firefox addon.

CSSViewer source code is publicly available on GitHub for anyone to help and contribute(贡献).

How to use(如何使用):
CSSViewer shows the css parameters(参数) of any element(元素) in a web page. To enable/disable CSSViewer, simply click the toolbar icon and then hover any element on you want to inspect(检查) in current page.
To display the CSS definition(定义), open Google Chrome console(控制台) then right click(右击) on the element you’re hovering: CSSViewer console > element.simpleCssDefinition.

Note that the menu will only show up when you enable CSSViewer and will only work on the page you’re inspecting.

CSSViewer only work on http and https pages.


Privacy :
In order to work properly, CSSViewer requires the permission to access to your history(历史记录) and website data(网站数据). However, CSSViewer do not collect nor will ever transmit(传输) any of your private data.

How to uninstall(如何卸载):
Click the wrench icon on the browser toolbar.
Click Tools.
Select Extensions.
Find the CSSViewer extension then click Uninstall.

Known Issues(已知的问题):

CSSViewer will not work in any opened tabs before installing it nor in the Google Chrome store.
The style may broke sometimes depending on the site you are surfing.


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