Grayscale – Black & White Color On All Pages


版本:2015.9.11.9   下载(crx文件)

灰度: 从网页中删除所有的颜色,将它们转换为黑白相间的颜色。
Grayscale – Black & White Color On All Pages

Grayscale(灰度): remove(删除) all colors from web pages, convert(转换) them to black and white colour.

Turn on/off grayscale for all webpages on the same domain(同一域名) at once!

Change the color theme(主题) of any webpage in one click. Color setting(颜色设置) is saved and loaded(加载) automatically(自动地) on every domain.

Grayscale - Black & White Color On All Pages


– Go to any webpage and click the Eye icon(眼睛图标) on your search bar.
– Enjoy your new webpage color theme: grayscale!
– To disable(停用) the extension, click the Eye icon again.


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