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Highlight to Search allows you search keywords by highlighting(高亮) instead of typing them into a search box.
Google Highlight to Search is a browser extension that helps you search keywords easily.

After you highlight keywords within a web page, you’ll see magnifying-glass icon(放大镜图标) appear below the highlighted keywords(在高亮的关键词下面).

Highlight to Search

By either clicking on the icon(点击图标) or the keywords(关键词) itself, search-box with Autocomplete(自动完成) enabled appears for you to search quickly and easily.

By installing this extension, you agree to these terms:


This extension uses Google Search, and the data related to the query(查询) will
be handled as described in Google’s privacy policy:


Highlight to Search选项(勾选)

1.Always open new tab(总是打开新标签) to show search results;
2.Enable Highlight to Search in HTTPS page;
3.Show magnifying glass button below the selected text.


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