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版本:0.3   下载(crx文件)

Keeps Chrome from closing when the last tab(最后的标签) is closed by creating a pinned tab(固定标签) when there is one tab left.
Keep you from accidentally(意外地) closing chrome from closing the last tab. This extension auto adds a pinned tab when you are on you last tab. As soon as you open a new tab, the pinned tab closes.

This extension was made using “keep last two tabs” code. if you don’t like the way this extension works or you want some settings(设定) that you can set, try “keep last two tabs”.

Also note that this extension is unlikely(不太可能) to be updated anymore, but they are open source, so if you really want a feature, you can go ahead and add it. it is also under the MIT license(许可), so feel free to fork the code and use it any way you want.


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