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Safely(安全地) search the web from your home page(主页) on Chrome, with Norton. Stay away from(远离) phishing(网络钓鱼) and other risky sites(危险的站点).
You must install this extension to set Norton as your Home and New Tabs page(新标签页) for Chrome.

The Norton Home Page includes Norton Safe Search(诺顿安全搜索,powered by Ask), which defends(防护) you from identity thieves(身份小偷) and online scams(在线骗局) by warning you of dangerous sites when you search, shop(购物), or browse online.

Norton Safe Search provides you added(额外的) peace of mind from online threats(威胁) by:
– Automatically filtering(自动过滤) unsafe web results
– Providing you with safety ratings(安全性评价) on all your search results

Norton Home Page for Chrome

– Letting you know which shopping sites are safe

Norton Site Ratings:
1.Scanned Safe and Secured for online transactions(在线交易)
2.Scanned Safe
3.Risks(风险) Detected
4.Site may contain low security risks(低安全性风险)

Note that this extension enables Norton as your Home Page only on Google Chrome.


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