Popout for YouTube™


版本:5.0.10   下载(crx文件)

Popout for YouTube™Add a button to YouTube™ to pop the video out into a new resizable(可调整大小的) window.

Add a button to YouTube™ videos above the top-right corner(右上角) to pop the video out into its own popup window(弹出窗口). The resulting window contains the full YouTube™ player with all controls for quality, closed captioning(字幕), full screen etc. that can be resized to scale(缩放) the video. Each video gets its own window, so you can open as many videos as you like.

Popout for YouTube™

This extension can access?

– Your data on www.youtube.com: This is so that the extension can parse(解析) the YouTube™ page that you’re viewing so that it can clone the video.
– Your browsing history: This is so that the extension can open a new tab so that the video can occupy(占用) it.
– NONE of your data is collected or used by this extension. The warnings are part of Google Chrome™’s extension API. The full source of this extension is viewable at its website. Please review(检查) the source code or post a comment(意见) if you have any questions.

开发者:Justin Force

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