Split Screen


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Split Screen displays two or more websites in one tab! Watch videos & surf(浏览) or make notes(做笔记) while studying!
Great for cross-reference(互相参照) studying and surfing the web in general(通常)! Watch a video, (or wait for it to buffer(缓冲)) while you surf another webpage in Chrome.

Split Screen

Split Screen has a fully adjustable(完全可调整的) options page: Choose your default webpages(默认网页) to load on opening the Google Chrome extension…

Equipped with(具有) a notepad(记事本) which saves what you write for the next time you use Split Screen – great for studying!
Click(点击) and drag(拖拽) a bookmark into the URL field(栏)…
TURN ON AUTO COMPLETE(打开自动完成) to make typing in URL’s faster!

CHANGE-LOG: Most sites work now in Split Screen, even Https:// sites, the exceptions(例外) being Facebook and a few obscure(不著名的) sites…


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