Tab Memory Purge


版本:2.4.5   下载(crx文件)

Extension manages the tab along with the specified conditions(规定的条件) to reduce the memory on Google Chrome.

Item(项目) that can be set by the user.

– Purge idle tabs(清理闲置标签) after X minutes.
– Keep history of purged URLs for X days.
– Extension remembers X sessions.
– Save the session and automatically(自动地) purge every X seconds.
– Do not automatically reload purged tabs when clicked on.
– Do not purge tabs that are actively(活跃地) playing sounds or videos.
– When opening a new tab, it is already purged.
– If purged tab had no title then get title from the live page.
– Purge all tabs except last X tabs.(Starts purging from left to right)
– Start purging tabs when computer RAM is below the specified memory size(规定的内存大小):X Mbytes.
– URLs to exclude(排除) from purges (Regular expressions allowed – see documentation(文件)).
– URLs to disable key binding (Regular expressions).

Tab Memory Purge


If Extension was disabled or updated, will be closed all purged tabs.
The problem is specification of Google Chrome.
If you want to restore it, you can restore from the session history of the option page(选项页面).

Speficiation and Change History

You are able to see it from the option page.


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