Tinning the Tabs


版本:1.0.2   下载(crx文件)

Tinning the Tabs:为你打造极其便利的标签暂存功能,全新的界面设计更提高了交互性和实用性,每次重新打开的页面将会定位在关闭时的位置,一切惊喜等您去探索。
A temporary holding(暂时保存) and management(管理) for Google Chrome tabs. The totally(完全地) new designed user interface enhance(提高) the interaction and practicability(实用性) of this extension. Moreover, it can remember the last position.

– Store all the tabs from the current window by single click(点击“Tin Tabs”).
– Display the grouped tabs(显示分组标签) by two mode:Grid(网格) or List(列表).
– Support giving another folder name(文件夹名) to each group.
– Reopen the whole chrome window with the totally same tab content by single click, too.
– Remove one grouped(分组的) tabs, you can not reopen them again.
– Smoothly scrolling by dragging the list up and down.
– Scroll to the last position(最后的位置) when you reopen(重新打开) them.

You’re also allowed to set:
– Close tabs when tin tabs or not
– Open tabs in new window or not

Tinning the Tabs

Tinning the Tabs偏好设置

1.显示方式:在Tinning the Tabs主窗口中可以以网格或列表方式显示存档的标签。



4.自动发送匿名使用数据:如果打开该选项,Tinning the Tabs会自动发送一些插件使中的信息至远程服务器,包括浏览器版本号、插件版本号、操作系统版本、存档和还原的标签个数。



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