uSelect iDownload 1.9下载(2013年1月12日更新)


版本:1.9   下载(crx文件)

Open or download several links at once with a simple selection(选择).
Usage instructions(使用说明):
– click the extension button (the page should become darker(较暗),再次点击扩展按钮或按Esc,可退出);
select the links you want to open by click-and-drag (i.e. like you do in the file manager);
– repeat the previous step how many times you need;
deselect(取消选定) items using the right mouse button (or ctrl + left button);
– press ‘Enter‘ key to open all selected links or ‘Alt+Enter’ to download them.


Select links by drawing rectangles(矩形)(left dids selects, right click deselects).
You can temporarily(临时) hide the overlay(覆盖) and scroll the page holding the H key.Press Enter to open selected links within the current window(当前窗口),Shift+Enter to open them in a new window(新窗口) or Alt+Enter to download them.

Known issues:
– the extension doesn’t work on sites with frames.


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